InformBio 1st year meeting at MTU Kerry!

InformBio team at MTU Kerry

InformBio celebrated it’s first year meeting at MTU Kerry, in Tralee North Campus.


Partners Teagasc, University of Galway, CSO and CircBio group from MTU met the past 3rd of April 2023, the InformBio team met at MTU Kerry North Campus in Tralee to celebrate the first year of the project. 
During the first year of the project, the team has made great advancements in the first phases of the project. MTU has been working on mapping Irish biological raw material, with help from CSO, to quantify its regional distribution taking into account accessibility constraints such as temporal availability, existing uses, economic and environmental constraints.
Moreover, a new member joined the team mid-year, George Bishop, under University of Galway. This partner has been working closely with MTU and has started developing a synergy tool that interacts with the Irish biological raw material mapping. This tool will highlight environmental hotspot risks with regards to the use of biomasses. 
Teagasc has started working on planning how to build the prototype of the Bioeconomy Monitoring System. Finally, Teagasc and MTU has been working on next steps, planning and organising future events for the project and key stakeholders.
Keep posted for more details in the future!