Bioeconomy Ireland Week 2023 -Opportunities for Irish biomasses and biochar generation to contribute to Ireland’s sustainable bioeconomy


InformBio team will be hosting an online event the 17th of October for Bioeconomy Ireland Week 2023. 

We will talk about the importance of monitoring biomass arisings, knowing their environmental impact and raise awareness towards biochar generation in Ireland by knowing current biochar projects and key experts in the bioenergy sector.
The event will present:
1) the potential of the innovative and versatile outputs from the InformBio project: Biomass arisings database and the Environmental Risk Assessment tool (Bio-ERA tool)
2) link project results to the current situation of biochar generation in Ireland 
3) brief showcase of key projects linked to biochar generation in Ireland and discussion around biochar and its role in the net zero transition.

Date: October 17th, 2023. From 10-11.40h am.